Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another year another story

Alright I'm kind of rusty on this whoe blogging thing but I suspect it's like riding a bike. Here goes everything.

Holy Crap It has so been almost a Year sence I have Written in this thing. Maybe no one will notice that I'm back at it again....
I still work @ Bluesboro but alsa I am no longer a server I am now the Cook/Kitchen Manager.
Over the past year I have seen people come and go and yet I remain.

"Hey Clarke, Why a Cook and Why now?"

Well I'll tell ya! I remember how money was last summer and I was presented the opertunity to change jobs but not employer. In addition I was given the option to be put on salery. sweet! It's been a while. So now I cook, clean, take inventory, and order all the food. Its a lot more fun in a different kind of way.

Thats my Job... as for my personal life,

I am still with Lori. It will be one year this Thursday. Ive never made it one year with anyone. What does this mean? We shall see. However we do use the word Love just as much as we use the words and and the. That sentence sounds odd. Whatever.

We are about to move into a new place at the end of the month! It's great. A house with big magnolia Trees in the front yard and a free standing deck in the middle of the back yard.


Lori has been looking for a job for almost 2 months and with only a few interviews to show for it. I called my friend mat to help her with her resume. Hopfully this next interview will be the one. It is wierd how money can cause so much strain on a relationship. I try not to let it effect me but that seems to be a exercise in futillity. There is a few more things under this subject but I will save them for next time.


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