Wednesday, August 31, 2005

welcome to life rediculous...

Sence Hernando....alot has changed.

I moved all of my shit out of my friends bacement into my house on July first.
Before that I jumped into another relationship......wooo hoo (going great so far)
I got two @ Bluesboro and the other @ B. McNeels.

After about two months at B. McNeels I got canned....why might you ask?
They have a shift called on call....Every other place that Ive worked at that did on call would call the Employee if he or she were needed....not @ B. McNeels, I was expected to wake up around 10:15 am and call them to see if I was needed. This was usuaully after working a shift @ Bluesboro till 4:00 am. She said I wasnt dependable.....twas Bullshit. But I was about to quit anyway they cut me down to one shift a week and a bunch of on call shifts in addition to that I was about to start school so there was no way I could have worked there much longer.

Sence then I have been selling drinks to folks at good ole Bluesboro.
I like just about everyone there.....its fun and laid back.

By the way
.25 cent Beer---------Thur
Kick-ass shows--------Fri and Sat
Poker + Nick&Seth--- Sun
Ladies Night-----------Tue

Come in and Buy a Beer from me I work Wed-Sat

Life is good so far I just hope it lasts for a long time.......
Super perfundo all the days of tour life......
Movie of the Month: Waking Life (watch it to learn)