Friday, May 27, 2005

First post ok here goes

So Ive been in Hernando for-freekin-ever! I cant wait to get back to Murfreesboro so I can live!

I have no cash, no gas, and nothing to do or see. Im going stir crazy.
June 7th Im going back home.

I miss it all.

I know the same problems that I left will be waiting on me when I return.
All my possetions I didnt bring with me are in a bacement of a friends house.
I Quit my job @ Don Pablos and Im not sure where Ill be working.

With these problems that I have brought upon myself I still feel Free.
After a long relationship that I fucked up Im single.
So lets recap

Im single
Im Homeless
Im unenployed
Im almost out of Money and Gas

Yet I feel very good for a change...

Yesterday I woke up at 12:30 PM and did nothing till 10:30 that night.
I visited Ashley and we caught each other up on our lives.
She went to her sister's wedding in Jackson, TN. She will be back on Sunday.
Then I went to Monica's place and spent the night. I didnt feel like driving the 30 miles back to Hernando.

Today Monica Woke me up at 9:30 AM. she had to go to work at Cozeymel's. So I drove home and Watched SinCity on my Puter and later made me some pasta and an Artichoke it was tasty. I think Im about to go out to eat dinner with mom....
She must feel bad for me that Im kinda stuck here


Blogger Tina said...

Man.... that is a depressing post...maybe you should post again! Like add the sorty of your life you were working on I never got to read it!

9:15 PM

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