Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another year another story

Alright I'm kind of rusty on this whoe blogging thing but I suspect it's like riding a bike. Here goes everything.

Holy Crap It has so been almost a Year sence I have Written in this thing. Maybe no one will notice that I'm back at it again....
I still work @ Bluesboro but alsa I am no longer a server I am now the Cook/Kitchen Manager.
Over the past year I have seen people come and go and yet I remain.

"Hey Clarke, Why a Cook and Why now?"

Well I'll tell ya! I remember how money was last summer and I was presented the opertunity to change jobs but not employer. In addition I was given the option to be put on salery. sweet! It's been a while. So now I cook, clean, take inventory, and order all the food. Its a lot more fun in a different kind of way.

Thats my Job... as for my personal life,

I am still with Lori. It will be one year this Thursday. Ive never made it one year with anyone. What does this mean? We shall see. However we do use the word Love just as much as we use the words and and the. That sentence sounds odd. Whatever.

We are about to move into a new place at the end of the month! It's great. A house with big magnolia Trees in the front yard and a free standing deck in the middle of the back yard.


Lori has been looking for a job for almost 2 months and with only a few interviews to show for it. I called my friend mat to help her with her resume. Hopfully this next interview will be the one. It is wierd how money can cause so much strain on a relationship. I try not to let it effect me but that seems to be a exercise in futillity. There is a few more things under this subject but I will save them for next time.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

welcome to life rediculous...

Sence Hernando....alot has changed.

I moved all of my shit out of my friends bacement into my house on July first.
Before that I jumped into another relationship......wooo hoo (going great so far)
I got two @ Bluesboro and the other @ B. McNeels.

After about two months at B. McNeels I got canned....why might you ask?
They have a shift called on call....Every other place that Ive worked at that did on call would call the Employee if he or she were needed....not @ B. McNeels, I was expected to wake up around 10:15 am and call them to see if I was needed. This was usuaully after working a shift @ Bluesboro till 4:00 am. She said I wasnt dependable.....twas Bullshit. But I was about to quit anyway they cut me down to one shift a week and a bunch of on call shifts in addition to that I was about to start school so there was no way I could have worked there much longer.

Sence then I have been selling drinks to folks at good ole Bluesboro.
I like just about everyone there.....its fun and laid back.

By the way
.25 cent Beer---------Thur
Kick-ass shows--------Fri and Sat
Poker + Nick&Seth--- Sun
Ladies Night-----------Tue

Come in and Buy a Beer from me I work Wed-Sat

Life is good so far I just hope it lasts for a long time.......
Super perfundo all the days of tour life......
Movie of the Month: Waking Life (watch it to learn)

Friday, May 27, 2005

First post ok here goes

So Ive been in Hernando for-freekin-ever! I cant wait to get back to Murfreesboro so I can live!

I have no cash, no gas, and nothing to do or see. Im going stir crazy.
June 7th Im going back home.

I miss it all.

I know the same problems that I left will be waiting on me when I return.
All my possetions I didnt bring with me are in a bacement of a friends house.
I Quit my job @ Don Pablos and Im not sure where Ill be working.

With these problems that I have brought upon myself I still feel Free.
After a long relationship that I fucked up Im single.
So lets recap

Im single
Im Homeless
Im unenployed
Im almost out of Money and Gas

Yet I feel very good for a change...

Yesterday I woke up at 12:30 PM and did nothing till 10:30 that night.
I visited Ashley and we caught each other up on our lives.
She went to her sister's wedding in Jackson, TN. She will be back on Sunday.
Then I went to Monica's place and spent the night. I didnt feel like driving the 30 miles back to Hernando.

Today Monica Woke me up at 9:30 AM. she had to go to work at Cozeymel's. So I drove home and Watched SinCity on my Puter and later made me some pasta and an Artichoke it was tasty. I think Im about to go out to eat dinner with mom....
She must feel bad for me that Im kinda stuck here